Brian B
RT @bria__n_: @BookofMormon Happy 1,400th performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👔🙏👋📘🍩👹🇺🇸MAN🆙
RT @SaraSummerScott: Happy 1400th spooky Mormon hell dream @BookofMormon!!! 👹🍩☕️💀
Mary M.
RT @dorothynyc89: Happy 1400th performance to @BookofMormon tonight! This book has changed my life! @nicrouleau @BenSPLATT @nikkireneesings
Brandon #Smith
RT @BrandonSmith318: @BookofMormon the actual amount is 525,600 hello's
Shelton Moser
RT @iRedShell: @BookofMormon Hello! I counted 29 hellos in the song hello including ones not in english making it 40,600 hellos! I love it!…
RT @1katiemariee: @BookofMormon Soo... I added up all the Hello's in the opening and closing song... Worked it out from that. 77,000 Hello'…
The Book of Mormon
Tonight's our 1400th performance on Broadway! Someone figure out how many total Hello's! that is. Too busy tap dancing. kthx.👔
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